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For every homebody out in the world desperately seeking a moment to breathe; for every person who tirelessly works, but yearns for the comfort of a warm blanket and a book; for every logophile who earnestly writes down each day's events; for every employee that needs a break from the rigorous 9-5; for every traveler enticed by Wanderlust's call— 5th&Pen exists for you.

Our Favorites

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Helena Round Box Bag


  • Luxury Pajamas

    Feel good (and look good) in a pair of comfortable pajama shorts. Your skin will thank you!

  • Cozy Cardigans

    Wrap yourself up in these blazers and cardigans; all handcrafted with an extra does of good will and comfort for those late night reading sessions.

  • Books

    Curl up with a nice cup of joe and one of our recommended books! We sell books from a variety of different authors (we also spotlight some indie authors). Stay tuned as we continue to update our selection!