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Poems of Persuasion: One Knee or Two?: Are You Praying Or Are You Begging?

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Poems of Persuasion is a lifelong, collection of thoughts captured on napkins and scraps of paper. This collection may have been inspired by events, not all true, or invoked by a simple request, to explain circumstances.  They are shared in this medium, as a means by which to shed light or provide insight.

In this book of poetry,  the author believes there must be at least one poem that will resonate with every reader. 

There may be more collections in the future, if the pen has ink, the thoughts and circumstances still continue to flow; of course, with a constant supply of napkins. 

It is the author's sincere hope that all your senses will be touched at some point.  That said, it is not recommended to attempt to read all these words in one sitting. Like great cake and ice cream, take it in slices and scoops.